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Omar started his career with a strong drive, a lot of will, and a vision to one day perfect the male beauty experience. Somewhere around there Almudif was born.

After that, Omar has had time to travel around the country and lectured, had exhibitions and learned from many barbers.

All this: simply to be able to give his utmost to every client who gives him their trust.

He loves to provide Gothenburgers with modern, stylish and desirable hairstyles!



Abbe is the salon's apprentice!

In him you will find a learning machine. He picks up new knowledge as if it were about life.


Abbe has previously been in a barbershop where he has been able to learn from many different barbers with many different abilities, something that has given him an early edge in his work.

Despite his title as an apprentice, Abbe has quickly learned the profession and is constantly showing developmental steps!

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