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We strive for the customer to be able to maintain the shaving look at home as well. By sharing our trade secrets with the customer in terms of styling, the customer can look as fresh every day as when he steps out of the salon.

We only use exclusive hair products of the best quality on the market that are available to buy from us. Products that care for both hair and beard and give you a better look for a longer time.


Almudif is the Arabic word for meeting place. The name has been used in our family for many years. The name Almudif can be found in many different countries where our family runs companies.


Everyone has one thing in common:

A vision to create a free zone where the meeting and interaction weighs as heavily as the quality of what is offered. The sound of laughter, an espresso machine, razors and conversations are what defines our business.


The brain behind the business and the happy face on the logo is called Omar Salmoon, known as The Happy Dancer. He is here to put a golden edge on your stay. So sit down in the chair with a coffee or a cold soda, and enjoy the atmosphere while our staff creates an experience you will want to return to.

What Customers Said:

"The service was great! Fixed my hair and beard by Omar and turned out very good. Professional and really listened to what I wanted. And I got it!

Highly recommended! "


"Came in for a skinfade and left very happy. Cool guys and a good chat. One of the better skinfades I've gotten!"

- Robin J.

- Marcus A.



Thank you!

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